Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tailgaitng, Football Games, & Band Parties

Fall is a wonderful time of year for all who are joining the collegiate ranks.  We experience new beginnings, new faces, new friendships, and even new adventures.  The most fun of these events is during football season.  We began to tailgate in the afternoon before the game.  Above is a picture of us tail gating at the District before a game.  We cook out and socialize with everyone in the District.  After the festivities are over with there, we move to the football game.  The student section provides us with a new, fresh sense of school pride.  The games are exciting and intense, and they somehow reignite the good Southern love of college footballs every weekend.  In order to buy your tickets, go to USM Ticket Office Website.

Joining a fraternity has its advantages.  After the game, we return to our house and get ready for a party.  After a win, we celebrate; after a loss, our celebration is a bit glum.  We either have a DJ or a band come to play music for us.  Guests, pledges, and actives alike socialize and wind down from our week.  These are always good times amongst ourselves.

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