Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Future Plans, Where Will They Lead?

After graduation in two and a half years, I have to make a decision as to what career I want to pursue.  While I have an idea in my head, I am not quite sure until it gets here.  I am considering a career in law, but have not chosen a specific field in which to study.  The political science program at Southern Miss has a very productive and successful course of study.  The website of the political science department is  Even in the early Freshman level Political Science classes, a thorough education is being provided of the law and what it contains.  I know that when I arrive at the law school of my choice, I will enter it with a confident knowledge of what lies ahead.  After the LSAT, I plan on attending a Mississippi law school.

 Above is the Mississippi College logo; Mississippi College is located in Clinton, Mississippi about fifteen minutes from the capitol city of Jackson.  Growing up in Jackson, I always kept MC as an option of my collegiate experience.  My father also has attended and graduated from MC, thus giving me more incentive to attend.  They have a revered curriculum that is well respected by lawyers in the State.  I am looking forward obtaining my law degree from aforementioned college in later years.

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