Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Centennial Exhibit for Southern Miss

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of visiting the Centennial Exhibit that Southern Miss has provided for our viewing pleasure.  It is located in the Cook Library on the first floor next to Starbucks.  I appreciated this set up for the sheer fact that I appreciate history and knowing where we come from.  The most history of the University that I have learned is from the Fountain Sit during Homecoming Week.  I was intrigued to find out that the school has changed its name several times.  My favorite is The Mississippi Normal College.  As I witness the building of a new parking garage and the new dorms in Century Park, I wonder how the other buildings on campus came about and when.  One of my fraternity brothers actually designed the additions to the Rock, thus sparking my curiosity even more.

Walking through the exhibit, I noticed many items of interest as well as photographs.  Old memorabilia from past clubs, organizations, and even football games is displayed.  Uniforms from the The Pride are tattered but still represent a rich history on which we were founded.  The photographs were some of my favorite.  They not only showed panorama photos of the University as a whole as well as of the Dixie Darlings and the Golden Eagle football teams. My favorite part was the giant bell at the back of the room.  This was the trophy for The Battle of the Bell.  This was an annual football game played between us and Memphis.  For more information on the exhibit, go to Centennial Exhibit Homepage.

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